In the polish arabian breeding history, sixty-one sirelines have been used and listed. Most of them are now extincts or did not give male descendance in Poland. Height of them can be considered as still in activity even if, unlike the damlines who see a new generation each season, all these sirelines are not necessarily represented in the breeding stallions selection.

Bairactar OA Saklawi I OA Ibrahim OA Ilderim OA
Koheilan-Adjuze OA Krzyzyk OA Kuhailan Afas OA Kuhailan Haifi OA

Even if nearly sixty listed damlines have been used in the polish breeding program, only fifteen from them are still active today. Here is a presentation of each of them.

Gazella OA Mlecha OA Sahara OA Milordka
Ukrainka Szweykowska Woloszka Szamrajowka
Selma Rodania OA Cherifa OA Adjuze OA
216 Semrie OA Bent-el-Arab OA 214 Scherifa OA