Born in the desert in 1899, IBRAHIM was bought in Constantinople in 1907 to serve the mares of Antoniny Stud, property of Count Jozef Potocki. Unfortunately, the greatest deal of his descent was massacred during the Bolshevik revolution.

Fortunately, well before the revolution, one of his sons had leaved Poland for England. Actually, SKOWRONEK was sold in 1913 by Count Potocki to the american sculptor Walter Winans, who wanted to use him as a sculpture model. Having already changed two times of ownership, SKOWRONEK attracted the attention of the biggest British breeder of her time, Lady Wentworth, who inherited the famous Crabbet Park Stud from her parents Sir Wilfried and Lady Anne Blunt. Once in her ownership, SKOWRONEK became the most celebrated horse of his time, despite the fact that he only produced some forty foals, he managed to found a dynasty of champions on the four continents. He provoked such an admiration to everyone who met him that he was proclaimed "The Horse of the Century".

When his sons RASWAN and NAZIRI in Great-Britain, NASEEM in Russia, RASEYN and RAFFLES in the United States, carried on his precious bloodline with worlwide succes, none descendant of SKOWRONEK was available in his homeland. In Russia, his son NASEEM covered TARASZCZA, one of the Janów Podlaski mare robbed by the Russian troups during Second World War in 1939. In 1945, TARASZCZA gave birth to the very elegant and well conformed NEGATIW. The Polish breeders were directly very interested in this stallion NEGATIW, which they wanted to use to rebuild the precious IBRAHIM sireline.

Nevertheless, the first SKOWRONEK descendant to be imported in Poland was NABOR, one of the first NEGATIW's sons bred in Tersk out of LAGODNA, a granddaughter of IBRAHIM born in Poland. NABOR was used for seven seasons, the first one at Albigowa in 1956 and then in Michalów. There, he revolutionized the livestock giving exceptionnal products, particularly with the daughters of great AMURATH SAHIB. Let's quote, among his famous daughters, the full sisters ESTEBNA, the first European Champion Mare and ESKAPADA, Polish Reserve Champion and foundress of a dynasty of champions, the United States and Canadian National Champion Mare DORNABA, the Canadian Reserve Champion Mare ESKADRA, GWOZDAWA, granddam of phenomenals GDANSK and COGNAC, and PLANETA, the dam of European Reserve Champion POHANIEC and chiefsire POLONUS. Among the males, ARAMIS won both United States and Canadian National Champion titels, GWALIOR was United States Reserve Champion and Canadian National Champion, KABORR, was US Reserve Champion, DARDIR was Swedish National and European Champion and ESPARTERO was Swedish National Champion as well. Three sons of NABOR were used in the Polish breeding programm. DARDIR and ESPARTERO left only few foals before their exportation to Sweden and GRANDORR, bred in the United States, was used more recently in Michalów, without great success. Nevertheless his son WADIM was sold to Sweden where he won the National title twice and won also the European and Nations Cup reserve titles. He has already sired some champions like our Swedish reserve junior champion SPLENDIDA. Note that another NABOR descendant, GADIR, a grandson of DARDIR, was also used in Michalów with success. He notably sired the etheral European Reserve Champion ESTARDA, and the Swedish National Champion EWAKUACJA.

Six years after his son, NEGATIW finally arrived in Poland after twelve breeding seasons in Tersk where he left no less then 105 foals, among which the above mentionned NABOR, but also the famous SALON and US National Champion MUSCAT. In Poland he sired some beautifull mares like European reserve champion ZAZULA, Polish national champion WENERA, and above all some exceptionnal broodmares like GONAGRA, HARMONIA, GARDA, DEWIZA, PIERZGA. Faithfully to his sireline, he also produced some great stallions like US imports ETIW, BUSZMEN and TINIAN, German import DIEM, and French BAJ and GIAUR. His son ANDRUT was used in three polish state studs without big results. But it is the immortal Queen of Janów, the incomparable BANDOLA, who gave him his best son and successor BANDOS.

Considered by the long time Janów stud director Andrzej Krzysztalowicz as the best stallion bred in the stud after World War II, BANDOS revolutionized the polish breeding program. He sired horses of great beauty like European champion mares ARRA and ENKLAWA, Polish champion mares PENTODA, EUROPA, WINDA, PEKTYNA and PIANOLA, but also some confirmed athletes like racewinners NAWA, KABARET, ARRA, PEPTON and ZLOTY POTOK. His daughters, among which several great champions, have become exceptional broodmares like ARRA, EUROPA, PENTODA, ETAZERKA, EUFORIA or BAJEZCZKA, and more... So more than ten recently used successful chiefsires are BANDOS's grandsons through their dam like PIECHUR, ARARAT, EURPEJCZYK, GABARYT, PERS, ETAT and BATYSKAF. Among his own sons used for breeding, four stallions have had more significance.

In just one breeding season the Polish National Champion ENOS left BETA, herself Polish reserve champion and chiefsire PERS out of PENTODA, result of an inbreeding on BANDOS. Untimely lost PERS is nevertheless the sire of beautiful mares like our double Swedish National champion NECESSA, FRASKATA, EQVIRIA and of two breeding stallions, ENTYK who served at Kurozweki, and the Derby winner OSTRAGON, used in Bialka, his home stud.
Son of illustrious ETNA, ETERNIT was used on a small scale before his exportation to France where he became international champion. He is the sire of Oaks winner ETYLINA, of PILINA, chiefsire PIBER's dam, and of our champion ANTWERPIA.
Third, and the last BANDOS son elected Polish National Champion, but also a Criterium winner, PEPTON has covered many mares in Janów, Michalów and Kurozweki. Among his numerous gets, you find Oaks winners GENEZA and ESTEPONA, with GENEZA winning the Criterium too, but also some future chiefsires' dams like FREJLINA and POHULANKA, but also Brazilian National Champion SARMATA, and his best son and successor ECAHO.
Son of World Champion mare ETRURIA, from whom he inherited his great beauty, ECAHO won himself the Polish National Champion title. Considered the modern day replica of unforgettable SKOWRONEK, he was the chief progenitor of the IBRAHIM line, and the head stallion in Janów, his homestud, until his recent sale to the United States. He owed this status to the quality of his products, like Junior World Champion Mare EMANDA, Polish and European Champion Mare PALMETA, and beautiful international champion OLITA. Janów staff builds their hopes on his son SALAR to become ECAHO's successor to carry on the line of IBRAHIM.

Finally, the most influential son of BANDOS, the first Polish national champion stallion in history, is born in 1974 out of the beautiful COMET daughter EUNICE. He was named EUKALIPTUS. Just like his father, he has reached the rare status of living legend. From his first breeding season in Michalów, he has satisfied the expectations of director Ignacy Jaworowski who considered him, from the start, as a future sire of champions. So, in 1980, several beauties like EMFAZA, World and Nations Cup Junior reserve champion mare PASSA, and World and European reserve champion stallion EDYKT. After a 4 years lease to the States, he came back in Michalów, where he met for the first time EMIGRACJA, who gave him his best daughters namely the Polish and European champion mare EMIGRANTKA, World and European Junior, Polish and Nations Cup senior champion mare EMANACJA and Polish reserve champion ERLANDA, the three beeing even more impressive for their production. He also sired the champion mares LARISSA, GRENLANDIA, ESKLAWA and EGNA in Michalów, CZECZOTKA and HULANKA in Kurozweki, and then in 1992, he was finally called back definitively to his homestud Janów. There he sired notably the Polish Junior Champion AMRA, and Polish reserve champion PIANOSA. In addition to their recognized beauty, the EUKALIPTUS daughters are for more terrific broodmares. So, for example, 3 of the 4 2004 Polish Junior Champions were granddaughters and grandson of EUKALIPTUS namely, PIANISSIMA, PALANGA, and ESPARTO. In this second generation, you could add numerous champions as EMIGRANT, EL DORADA, EMILDA, EMANOR, EMANDA, ERBIL and EMPRESSA.
As beautiful were his daughters, as difficult it was and is to find a successor to EUKALIPTUS among his sons. NIMB and ESPERANTO, used on a small scale were sold. In Poland remain Polish National Champion HARBIN, Polish Reserve Junior Champion ASLAN and European Reserve and Polish National Champion GRAFIK to carry on the male branch of EUKALIPTUS.

Characterized by his classical saklawi type, his elegance, his charisma, his length of neck and his spectacular mouvements, the IBRAHIM line is surely the most impressive sireline of the polish breeding program for the number and above all the succession of extraordinary stallions that it engendered, generations after generations. In the future, could we just accept that the successors of the true breed legends that are SKOWRONEK, NABOR, NEGATIW, BANDOS, EUKALIPTUS and ECAHO, did not all have the same exceptionnal breeding quality as their predecessors?