Born circa 1810 in one of the farms belonging to the Biala Cerkiew estate, property of the Branicki Counts, laying in the present Ukrainien steppes, the founder of this line was named after her home farm, SZAMRAJOWKA. The Biala Cerkiew horses went famous in the second half of the 19th century, and fortunately horses of this damline were sold to several other studs in Europe. This permitted the rescue of theis family, as during the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, all the Szamrajowka stud was destroyed and more than sixty arabian mares were slaughtered as "equine aristocracy".

The damline was reimported for the first time in 1930 with the acquisition by the Polish authorities of the mare KEWA, product of the eleventh generation born in 1923 at the Inocendzvor studfarm in former Yugoslavia. Put at stud in Janów Podlaski, she gave birth in 1938 to WLODARKA by famous OFIR. Unfortunately again, during the invasion of Poland by the Soviet troops in 1939, 9 stallions and 54 mares were robbed in Janów. KEWA and her yearling filly were part of the stolen lot. After she survived the long trek by foot to Tersk Stud, WLODARKA was incorporated in the russian breeding program. There, in 1953, she foaled PIEWICA by PRIBOJ, who was purchased some years later by the polish breeding authorities and incorporated in Albigowa Stud in order to reintroduce the SZAMRAJOWKA line.

Three daughters of PIEWICA were highly influential in the Polish breeding program, and gave birth to the today's famous 'P' line of Janów Podlaski.
The older one, PENZA 1959 by FAHER, is the mother of Polish and European Champion Stallion PENITENT 1979 as well as the mare PEMBA, who, in her turn, foaled the international champion PEPI 1975, and the Polish National Champion Stallion and Criterium winner PEPTON, two highly influential sires. Her line is no longer active in the Janów broodmare band.

The second one, PIERZGA 1964 by NEGATIW, is notably the mother of the Derby winner PIERROT 1969, who was exported to Germany, and of PIERZEJA 1974 by BANDOS, who gave birth to another Derby winner, the Nations Cup champion and European Reserve champion stallion PIECHUR, an important sire for Michalów's breeding program. PIERZGA produced also two daughters by PALAS, namely PILARKA in 1975 and the Oaks winner PIECZEC in 1976, the mother of World Champion PIRUET by PROBAT.
The 1981 World Champion Mare and double European Champion Mare PILARKA, known in Poland as "the Pearl in the Crown", brought world fame to the 'P' line and carried on the PIERZGA branch of the SZAMRAJOWKA line by foaling two exceptional broodmares.
First, in 1981, she gave birth to the "Queen of Janów", PIPI by British National champion BANAT. Polish National Champion and a spectacular broodmare of 15 foals in 17 years. She is the mother of Polish Junior and international multichampion PILOT 1987 by FAWOR, of Polish Junior and Senior Reserve National champion PISTACJA 1988 by PROBAT, of British Reserve National champion PIKARDIA 1989 by ALEGRO, of PILICA 1994 by FAWOR, a great broodmare herself and mother of the 2003 Polish National champion filly PALMETA by ECAHO. PIPI is for more the dam of Polish National champion filly PILAR 1996, PILICA's full sister, and of Polish Junior champion, Dutch National champion and Polish Reserve National champion stallion, PIAFF 1997 by ELDON, the most promising young sire in Janów Podlaski.
PILARKA's second exceptional daughter is PINIA, born in 1984 by PROBAT. She's the dam of Bialka Spring show champion filly and 2004 Polish reserve national champion mare PIANOSA by EUKALIPTUS, who is herself the mother of the 2004 Triple Crown Winner, unbelievable PIANISSIMA 2003 by GAZAL AL SHAQAB, notably the 2004 Polish, European, Nations Cup and World Junior Champion Filly and 2006 US National Junior Champion.

The third very influential daughter of PIEWICA is PENTODA 1970 by BANDOS. Her first daughter, PENICYLINA 1976 by PALAS was sold to USA in 1985 for the incredible sum of 1.500.000$, still the world record price for an arabian mare, and won the national title of this country the same year. PENICYLINA is herself the dam of the Polish Reserve National Junior Champion PEKTYNA 1984 by BANDOS.
Her second daughter, PENTOZA 1978 by ELLORUS, is one of the foundation broodmares of Bialka State Stud where, in particular, she produced PERFORACJA 1986 by ERNAL, the dam of Polish, Dutch and international champion and chiefsire PESAL 1991 by PARTNER.
Her third daughter, PESTKA, by PROBAT, a longtime broodmare in Janów produced POHULANKA by EUKALIPTUS, the mother of the Polish National Champion POGANIN by LAHEEB.
Later came Austrian Champion PETARDA 1984 by ERNAL, German Champion PERFIDIA 1987 by PALAS, and Polish Junior Champion PERELKA 1988 again by ERNAL, the mother of our international champion mare PERSENKOWKA 1993 by ELDON.
The only son of PENTODA used as a sire was PERS 1982 by ENOS. Despite his early death, he managed to produce very good race and show horses, among which our double Swedish National Champion NECESSA.

Seeing this non exhaustive presentation, you understand easily why this damline is the pride of her home country and particularly of the Janów Podlaski State stud, which is responsible for her past and present glory, and a warrant for her future.