The line of BAIRACTAR is the oldest arabian sireline in the World. He was a white Seglawi Jedran born in the desert in 1813. He was acquired in 1817 by Baron von Fechtig for the Weil stud of the King of Württemberg where he served until his death in 1838. The legend says that he was the most beautiful stallion that ever left the Arabian Peninsula.

His descendant in the fifth generation, AMURATH 1881, was exported from Germany to what is today Romania, in Radowce, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Several of his descendants were imported in Poland, but it was his son 35 AMURATH II, born in Radowce in 1907, that arrived in Poland in 1918 and founded his line there by producing AMURATH SAHIB out of the first Oaks and Derby winner SAHIBA.

Despite the fact that he is born in the small Breniow stud of Teresa Raciborska, AMURATH SAHIB must be considered as one of the most important stallions of the Polish breeding history. As a matter of fact, he sired a group of exceptional daughters who would make their mark in the breeding program. His daughter BALALAJKA is the dam of unrivalled BASK and BANDOLA. EPIGONA gave birth to EUNICE who has engendered the hightly influential Polish National Champions EUKALIPTUS and EUROPA. Oaks and Criterium winner ESTOKADA established the biggest dynasty of Polish champions through her daughters, Polish reserve national champion ESKAPADA and European champion ESTEBNA. LALA founded also her line of champions including European champions ELART, ESKALOPKA and ELDON, Polish national champion EGZOTYKA or even Swedish and US national champion ALLADDIN. AMNERIS foaled the chief progenitor AQUINOR and the US and Canadian national champion ARAMUS. DARDA left European champion DARDIR and US and Canadian national champion DORNABA. GWADIANA has produced the champions GWALIOR and GRANDORR and also GWOZDAWA, the granddam of legendary GDANSK and COGNAC. SAKLA established a dynasty of champions in Sweden including notably our SPLENDIDA. Oaks winner ADIS ABEBA created her branch of the GAZELLA in Michalów, and ARWILA, to whom traces our ANTWERPIA, did it in Janów.

Three sons of AMURATH SAHIB were used at stud : Derby winner EQUIFOR 1951 who has no influence, ARAX 1952 and GWARNY 1953.
ARAX was used for only one season, from which is born the United States reserve national champion BOLTONKA, before he was sold to Tersk where he sired more than 100 foals. He revolutionized the russian breeding program and established the most important sireline of the country through his son NABEG from who descend notably the champions MENES, BALATON, NEMAN, NADIR, KUBINEC, KORONEC or FS BENGALI, who was imported in his old days by a Polish private breeder. There he produced the Polish National Silver champion colt ETERNAL and the Bialka Spring Show double bronze champion MARAN.

GWARNY has an extraordinary longevity and stand at stud for 20 seasons. He must rather be considered as a stallions producer as only two of his daughters left their mark. PLISZKA engendered the succession of champions PREMIA - PREMIERA - PREMIER and the double Swedish national champion NIDSHEM established a champion dynasty in Sweden among which her granddaughters NAUTICIA and NECESSA. On the other hand, six of his sons were selected to stand at stud : ENDOR 1965, GEDYMIN 1968, POLONUS 1968, ARGO 1976, PASAT 1978 and BALON 1979.
Among his eldest sons, ENDOR and POLONUS had no influence but GEDYMIN was used for several seasons and sired the Swedish national champion stallion DYLEMAT, the Criterium winner EMBARGO and the chiefsire WOROBLIN. Among them, WOROBLIN only, who stand at Bialka, had some influence by producing the Polish national reserve junior champion mare OSTROZKA. GEDYMIN left also the Swedish national champion mare WENDETA and good broodmares like ZLOTA JESIEN and DRAPERIA.
Polish national champion stallion ARGO stand as chiefsire for several season before his exportation to Sweden. His son FALSYFIKAT was used in Michalów where he notably sired the international champions EMANCYPACJA and ESTRADAMURA.
PASAT, exported to Germany where he became National Reserve Champion, is among others the father of German National Champion PENTHAGONN and our Belgian champion mare GWANA. After the lease of his son PENTHAGONN by Kurozweki stud, PASAT came back to Poland himself for two seasons, one at Kurozweki, the other at Janów, without, unfortunately, leaving any male successor.
Finally, Swedish and Polish champion stallion BALON stayed at Janów, his homestud, until his death at the age of 31. He is the father of our double Polish National champion ELLADA, and of KULIG, who was used as his only potential successor, to continue the line. His sons born at Janów in 2011 are the last hope to save the GWARNY branch of the BAIRACTAR sireline.

In order to reinforce the weakening BAIRACTAR line, the Polish breeding authorities decided to reintroduce ARAX's branch, who has flourished in Russia. The first attempt was the lease by director Jaworowski of the stallion TALLIN, a Tersk bred NABEG son, and thus ARAX grandson, who serve mares at Michalów during the 1985 season. He sired the Polish National champion stallion WOJSLAW, who became one of the most important sires of the nineties and established his own branch of the BAIRACTAR line, of Kuhailan type. He is notably the sire of Oaks winner ESTELKA, phenomenal racer DRUID, unbeaten at the racetrack and sold for 500.000$ to the Turkish Jockey Club, but also the show phenomenon EMANOR, Polish, Canadian and US national champion stallion.
If EMANOR left to USA before being used in the Polish State studs, DRUID stand one season in Janów and one in Michalów. He sired the Derby winner GOREC et the Janów bred stallion PENTAGRAM who was used in the private breeding.
Three others WOJSLAW sons have been used by Polish State studs. In Michalów, Warsaw Summer Show Champion WERBUM has covered some of their best mares and several of his daughters have joined the broodmares band, but he left no worthy sons. The same statement is worth for his brother MONAR also used in his homestud of Michalów. In Janów, it is SABAT, of racing pedigree and type, who covered a few racing mares.

The second attempt is more recent. Between 2006 and 2008, the frozen semen of Babolna bred stallion EL NABILA B, Brazilian and US National Champion stallion, and son of European and World Champion KUBINEC, was used in Janów and Michalów studs. Unfortunately, the quality of his products didn't fill the expectations. His sole Janów bred son ALMANZOR, seems to have a chance to perpetuate the sireline.

It is quite strange to note that the Saklawi branch via GWARNY as well as f the Kuhailan branch via ARAX have great difficulties to maintain themselves in Poland, like if this BAIRACTAR line was not able to produce modern progeny in the eyes of the Polish breeders.

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