At the end of Second World War, a group pf thirteen broodmares born at the Hungarian State Stud of Babolna were rescued by the Poles from a vaccine manufacturing plant in Germany where they served as blood donors for serum production. They stand in the Polish studs until their return to Hungary end 1951. Among these mares, four belonged to the SEMRIE damline, a grey mare born in 1896 and bought in Syria by Oberst Michael Fadlallah el Hedad for the most ancient State stud of Europe, Babolna in Hungary. These four mares were renamed BAZA, BAJADERA II, BOJAZN and BRDA.

BOJAZN 1934 gave three foals at Nowy Dwor, notably the stallion DUCH, by WIELKY SZLEM who served for one breeding season at Michalów. The only daughter of BOJAZN did not perpetuate the line.

BAZA 1934 was send to Posadowo and then Nowy Dwor whereas her daughter BAJADERA II went to Michalów failing to establish a line there. BAZA gave two chiefsires. First, CZARDASZ by WIELKY SZLEM, the Derby and Criterium winner, was used for three seasons at Michalów where he notably gave ZAMIEC, PLATYNA and POTEGA, three valuable broodmares dams and granddams of international champions. Then, BAJDAK, unfortunately underused in Michalów, was sold to USA in 1970 for this time record sum of 30.000$.
This is her bay daughter BAJDARA 1951 by GABOR who perpetuated the line of BAZA. Like her dam, she produced a breeding stallion and an influant daughter to follow her steps. The stallion, BRANIBOR 1958 by ARCUS, won the Derby and then served at stud in Michalów. Her influant daughter, BAJKA by COMET, was born in 1960 in Nowy Dwor. She was transferred to Janów in 1966 where she left one daughter to take her succession in the breeding barn, the grey BASN born in 1973 by the stallion CZORT.
BASN left two important broodmares in the Janów band : BAJECZKA 1982 by BANDOS and BAZYLEA 1983 by PROBAT. Both of them have descendants who are present members of the broodmares band of the Janów Podlaski state stud. But BAJECZKA had the more impressive production and seems to be the one through which the line will continue. Indeed she produced two great stallions, BAKARAT by PARTNER and BATYSKAF by PAMIR. The first one was sold to the Arab Emirates and won numerous titles in the Peninsula. The second one, BATYSKAF, is a real phenomenon, an exemple of the versatility lauded by the polish breeders. Indeed, at the racetrack, he won the Derby and the Criterium and won the title of Racehorse of the Yeat 1994 but in the showring he also won the National Champion and Best in Show title in 1996. He was finally sold to the Turkish Jockey Club for the record breaking sum of 450.000$.

The last of the four Babolna mares, originally named 215 MERSUCH II-1 and renammed BRDA in the Polish studbook, was first stationned at Posadowo where she left ANGARA by WIELKY SZLEM, latter the mother of famous ARAX, who was sold to Tersk where he engendered the best sireline of the Russian breeding program. Transfered afterwards to Michalów, she produced BZURA who had no descent, and DARDA which should be considered as one of the best broodmares in the Polish breeding history.
DARDA is notably the dam of Swedish national and European champion stallion DARDIR by NABOR, of his full sister, DORNABA, the United States and Canadian national champion mare, and of the stallion DAR, one of the very best sons of legendary COMET, who was heavily used and had a big influence in the american breeding. Her branch of ths SEMRIE line was prolounged by her daughters DRUCHNA 1957 by ROZMARYN and DRATWA by BADR BEDUR.
The eldest one, DRUCHNA, is the mother of the stallions DRUCH by CELEBES and DRUZBA, a US National Top 10 stallion by NABOR, and of the mare DRUZYNA by COMET, herself the dam of DEWIZA, one of the most beautiful NEGATIW daughters. DEWIZA became especially famous because of the record sales prices reached by her production : her daughter DIANA by PROBAT, the Pologne national junior reserve champion filly, was indeed sold in 1985 for 1.200.000$, the third price ever given for a Polish arabian, while her son DEFICYT was sold for 609.000$ in 1983, the absolute record in the Polish Silent Sale. In the 1998 Polish Pretige Sale, we have been fortunate to acquire her last Polish bred daughter DELBANA by PIECHUR.
The second daughter of DARDA retained for breeding, DRATWA, gave DRAPERIA by GEDYMIN who, in her turn, is te dam of the great DALIDA by PROBAT. After a succesful race career where she won the famous Derby, she joined the Michalów broodmare band and became one of their matriarches. Her son DRUID became a living legend by winning 13 races on 15 starts of which 10 Stakes, notably the Derby, and two times the Criterium and the Europa Cup. He covered mares in Janów and Michalów stud before his sale to the Turkish Jockey Club in 1999 for the incredible sum of 500.000$. No less than five daughters of DALIDA were put at stud in Michalów. Among them, the Polish Spring Show Reserve Champion DZIECIELINA by ARBIL produced DRZEWICA by GANGES, a regional champion in the USA, and Polish Spring Show reserve champion DOBRA NOWINA also by GANGES. Incredible mover DEMONA by MONOGRAMM produced the chiefsire and Polish National Junior Champion and Senior Reserve Champion DRABANT by GAZAL AL SHAQAB.

This young damline in the Polish breeding program history is remarkable in two points shared, for more, by the members of the two branches, the 'B's of Janów and the 'D's of Michalów. On one side, this line produced exceptionnal racehorses like DRUID, BATYSKAF, CZARDASZ, BRANIBOR, BAJRA or DALIDA. On the other side, his members accumulated record saleprices like DIANA, DEFICYT, DRUID, BATYSKAF, BAJDAK and DRATWA. Due to these astonishing results, we can easily understand the deep interest the Polish master breeders give to this damline.