SZANEL is a daughter of the international sire of champions ARYAN EL THESSA, who has already sired champions on 3 continents, in Europe, in America and in Australia. Born in Austria ARYAN is the result of an inbreeding on legendary US National Champion ALI JAMAAL, who has himself sired more than forty national and international champions in the World.
SZANEL is the first foal of our beautiful SZAKIRA, the Belgian National Gold Champion, and European Breeders Cup Gold Champion Mare, SZAKIRA is a daughter of iconic 'Champions Maker' and international multichampion WH JUSTICE, who is himslelf a son of phenomenal Double US National champion, as well as Canada and Argnetina National Champion, MAGNUM PSYCHE, the biggest sire of american champions in history.
On the dam side, SZANEL belongs to the remarkable dynasty of National champions initiated by Swedish National and Nations Cup champion SAGANA, continued by her great granddam, the double Swedish National Champion SZANSA, then by her granddam, the Sewedish Reserve Junior Champion SPLENDIDA, and finally her abovementionned mother SZAKIRA. This exceptionnal damline traces beck to SAKLA, the full sister of legendary ESTOKADA who founded the World famous Michalów 'E' line.

JD Chalice Ludjin el Jamaal Ali Jamaal US & Canada Nat.Ch.

MF Aryan el Thessa

Lydira el Shaklan
JD Splendor CWP Chances Are
Cameos Joy
Thessalya el Jamaal Ali Jamaal
US & Canada National Champion
Ruminaja Ali US R.Nat.Champion
Heritage Memory
Talya el Hardun Hardun

European BreedersCup Gold Ch Belgian National Gold Ch.
World Top 10 Filly

WH Justice
Nations Cup Gold Champion European R. Champion
Magnum Psyche
US, Canada & Argentina Nat.Ch.
Padron Psyche US Nat. Res. Ch.
A Fancy Miracle
Vona Sher-Renea El Sher-Mann
Swedish National R. Champion
European & Nations Cup R. Ch.
Grandorr Canadian Top 10
Warszula Polish R.+ Swed. Nat.Ch.
Double Swedish nat. Champion
Rusaczie Swed. & Nations Cup Ch.
Sagana Swed. & Nations Cup Ch.
Sireline : SAKLAWI I (of Ali Pasha Sherif) 1886 Egypt Damline : MILORDKA 1810 Slawuta